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RTI Application to JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA regarding Student Union...

To,                                                                                                                              Dated: 17.10.2011
    Public Information Officer
    Jamia Millia Islamia
    Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 25.
Subject- Application to obtain information under RTI act, 2005.

Please provide following information under the RTI Act-2005.

  1. What is the Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) Policy regarding student union election? Please provide photo copy of Policy.
  2. Is there anybody set by JMI to decide on the date and month of election in JMI?
  3. If yes, please provide me the list of the members in that body and their designation?
  4. How many times this body meet in a year? Please provide me the meeting minutes for the year 2004 to till date.
  5. In which month according to the rules/guidelines of the JMI election of the student union are held?
  6. In which month in 2011 these elections are scheduled?
  7. If these elections are not yet announced when they will be announced?
  8. Please give the name and designation of the authority that is responsible for announcing the dates for these elections?
  9. If the elections will not be allowed this year who will be responsible for this and what action will be taken against him under JMI rules/guidelines?
  10.  What is Jamia’s position towards Lyngodh recommendation? Does Jamia approve or disapprove it?
  11. If Jamia approves, Lyngdoh, what actions were taken to implement these recommendations?
  12. If not approved, was there any decision about disapproving? Please provide the copy of that decision?
  13. Did Jamia receive any communication from UGC with regard to students union election, please provide copy of the letter if any?
  14.  Did Jamia send any letter to the UGC with regard to students union election? If yes please provide copy of the letter?
  15.  Did Jamia establish Grievances Redressal Cell as per requirement of Lyngdoh recommendation?
  16. Does Jamia have any mechanism to redress grievances other than Lyngdoh recommended Grievances Redressal Cell.
  17. How many grievances were complained to the cell from 2007-2010?
  18. How many of grievances were dismissed, resolved and heard?
  19. Is there any cell for gender sensitization in order to prevent women harassment?
  20. How many cases of women harassment were registered and resolved in 2010?
  21. What were the reasons behind not conduction union election in Jamia?
  22. Who has power to decide about holding or not holding student union election? Please name the body?
  23. Is there any circular, letter issued with regard to union election after 2006 union election?
  24. Who approves decisions on students union and what was the last decision approved about students union?
  25. Other than Union election, was student representation was allowed in the absence of union election?
  26. How the students representation was adopted? Nomination or election?
  27. Is there any decision of Jamia that students organizations will not be allowed to work in Jamia? Please provide copy of that decision?
  28. If any student organization/forum has barred from working in the campus in past?
  29. If any action taken against any students because of his or her affiliation to a student organization?
  30. What are the guidelines of students election practiced in last elections in Jamia?
  31. Can student organizations circulate their handbills, posters in the campus?
  32. Can student organizations/forums organize their meetings in the campus?
  33. How many students have been expelled/suspended or fined or warned by proctor office with regard to violating Jamia’s rules and regulations? Please provide statistics of such actions from 2007-2010.
  34. Please provide name of students expelled in 2010 and reasons behind the action?
  35. Please provide me the following information regarding Students Union fee of Rupees 50, which is paid to JMI by Students each year.
a)      How many Rupees have been collected in the name of Students Union fees since 2011?
b)     Is there any Students Union to spend this money?
c)      If yes, please provide me the minutes and reports of Students Union meetings and activities.
d)     If no, how does JMI spend this fee each year?
e)      Please provide me the account details of spending Students Union fees since 2007.
f)       If this fee is not utilised in its regard who will be the responsible for this and what action will be taken against him under JMI rules/ guidelines?
g)      Is there any plan to give up this fee from next year onwards.
I am depositing the application fee (Rs.10/-) through INDIAN POSTAL ORDER (No. 92E 230014) Please put the name of the payee to whom to this postal order be made payable to.

NOTE:- a. If you do not directly deal with this application or a part there of, kindly forward it to the right PIO u/s 6(3) of RTI act with intimate to me. You are required to do so within 5 days of receipt of this application as per sec 6(3) of the act.

b. If the information sought by me is bulky or voluminous or it would disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question, then kindly inform me of the same. In that case I am willing to visit your office to inspect the records, files etc. (u/s Sec. 2 (j) of RTI Act 2005) at a mutually convenient time as per Sec 7 (9) if the RTI Act 2005.

c. If you want to deny any of the information sought by me then please quote the exemption clause of Section 8 (1) and a brief reason as to how it applies. This is a requirement of the RTI Act, as per Section 7 (8) (i) read along with Section 19 (5).

Thanking you...

(Convenor, Forum for Student Democracy)
F-56/23, Sir Syed Road,
Batla House, Okhla, New Delhi-25

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