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RTI Application regarding Sexual Harassment in Campus...

To,                                                                                                Date: 16/01/2011
      The Public Information Officer
       Jamia Millia Islamia,
       Jamia Nagar, Okhla,
       New Delhi-25.
Sub : Application for obtaining information under the RTI Act 2005.


Please refer to the Supreme Court Decision in the case of Vishaka & Others vs State of Rajasthan & Others AIR1997SC3011 wherein it is required that all Public Places/ Institution/ authorities shall constitute Committees to look into the complaints of sexual harassment.
Please refer to the UGC directives in this regard. Under section 6(1) read with section 7(1) I may be informed on the following:
1. The date on which the first Committee  was constituted together with the name of its members specially the member from an NGO with the Registration No. of NGO by the Jamia Millia Islamia to look into the complaints into the sexual harassments.
2. The dates of any subsequent changes in the said committee together with facts and reasons for the same.
3. The number of Complaints of Sexual Harassment received till date together with the Name and Designations of the persons against whom the complaints were filed and the decision taken on each. Furnish the certified copies of the files notings, Orders by the Committee on the said Complaints, and other papers related to the entire proceedings regarding such complaints.
4. The reasons for not taking decisions on complaints filed against sexual harassment.
5. The Procedure for filing Complaints together with the procedure to be followed by the said Committee and its subsequent follow up action.
6. The number of cases on which follow up actions are taken together with names and designation of the persons against whom the follow up to take place.
7. The Discipline Authority in each of the case where follow up actions was required together with Statutory provisions for the same and the reasons for not placing the matter before the concerned Discipline Authority and circumventing the procedure.
8.  The Name of the Officer/ Authority which initially constituted the said Committee and subsequently changed the same.
9. The facts and reasons for placing the Proctor and the Registrar (Both Males) on the said Committee.
10. Facts and Reasons for not following the Supreme Court's order in letter and spirit.

I am depositing the application fee (Rs.10/-) through INDIAN POSTAL ORDER (No. 03F 343402) Please put the name of the payee to whom to this postal order be made payable to.

NOTE: - a. If the information sought by me is bulky or voluminous or it would disproportionately divert the resources of the public authority or would be detrimental to the safety or preservation of the record in question, then kindly inform me of the same. In that case I am willing to visit your office to inspect the records, files etc. (u/s Sec. 2 (j) of RTI Act 2005) at a mutually convenient time as per Sec 7 (9) if the RTI Act 2005.
b. If you want to deny any of the information sought by me then please quote the exemption clause of Section 8 (1) and a brief reason as to how it applies. This is a requirement of the RTI Act, as per Section 7 (8) (i) read along with Section 19 (5).

Thanking you...

F-56/23, Sir Syed Road,
Batla House, Okhla, New Delhi-25

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